97-98% of buyer’s are turning to the Internet for their home searches. This trend is increasing faster each year. With Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, Utah Homes and Utah Real Estate, more individual agents and brokers are competing with Internet market share as more and more people are turning to the Internet to search for their home. www.2goodrealestate.com is the most up to date website with all of the Wasatch Front listings and more accurate than other national websites.    2good Real Estate will be aggressive in helping you Sell your home or find the best home for you and your needs than any other Realtor.    Together we will craft a strong marketing strategy that produces results.  While Large National real estate broker chains have downsized their offices to smaller satellite offices to save money. Most larger Real Estate Brokers rent their agents a small office space as another source of income. These large firms still charge the full 6% claiming that they market your home on special websites, the truth is 2Good Real Estate uses these same websites. I see some agents charging outrageous fees on top of the 6% and it takes 3 days on each listing to get the photos attached to the Listings, loosing marketing traction from the first day. 2good Real Estate offers personable service with and LOYALTY.